Document the Undocumented

Document the Undocumented is an initiative to preserve our age-old oral tales and traditions and pass them on to further generations by mapping, curating, and digitizing them in a virtual library. With the help of local collaborators, organizations, and volunteers from grassroots communities, we are documenting oral stories and traditions in an online museum accessible to everyone.


The need for DTUD

The culture of sharing traditions and stories orally has been a part of the Indian Heritage since the Vedic ages.

Stories are a precious medium to share knowledge, connect generations, and bind diverse communities together. We are witnessing a slow decline in the culture of oral storytelling, ironically, in an era that has great digital resources to promote these traditions across the country.

DTUD aims to voice unheard stories of age-old knowledge hidden in remote destinations across our country and preserve them on a digital platform for upcoming generations and anyone who wants to introduce themselves to the remote and relatively unknown communities of the country.


How DTUD works?

Collect, collaborate and connect.


Identify stories about local traditions, folk music, folktales, local food recipes, local healing practices, traditional sports, rural innovations, and the stories of unsung heroes/ sheroes. Record audios and videos worth preserving and share them with us on Whatsapp: +91-7002269547 or email:

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Collecting Stories,
Connecting Generations.



Record AUDIO FILES of the stories (Folklores/ Folktales).Watch tutorial video.


Make sure that the recording is made in an undisturbed environment and mention your NAME, VILLAGE, & STATE in that audio/video recording.


Record VIDEO FILES of (Local healing practices/ Traditional games etc)


Upload the files here. All the stories uploaded can be accessed by anyone at any time.
Or send them to us on Whatsapp
(+91 7002269547) or email (

The Brains behind DTUD

Apoorva Goutam

Apoorva initiated the concept of DTUD. She is an Architect, Traveler, and Grass-root Coordinator. She is a Sustainable Living Advocate with a passion for learning new things.


Currently a teacher and an educator, Sachin is also interested in issues of culture, careers and livelihoods.

Dr. Bhavesh

A world record holder in writing stories, Dr Bhavesh also holds honorary doctorates from Britain. For the last 2 decades, he has been working in the education sector.

Simran Kashyap

Simran is a Tourism Researcher, Responsible and Sustainable Tourism Project Developer She works to optimize tourism as a tool to preserve culture and support communities.

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