Treasures of Innocence
Treasures of Innocence educate children from various challenging backgrounds and help children to live with Courage, Curiosity, Confidence, and Creativity.

State Innovation and Research Foundation (SIRF)

SIRF is an organization of change-leading teachers for collaboration, campaigns, and joint ventures with a purpose of stimulating progress and social welfare.

Future Innovation Foundation
FIF promotes the need for innovation and innovative ideas for our country. It supports innovators with traditional knowledge and students.

Global Himalayan Expedition

GHE engages travelers and businesses to build resilient communities through sustainable development and climate positive travel.

Help Tourism

Help Tourism is a tour operator and destination management consultant who believe in tourism as a tool for conservation and sustainable development.


Smriti Choudhary
Dr. Bhavesh Pandya
Rupesh Kumar
Dr. Arun 
Raj Basu

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NotonMap and DTUD believe that collaboration and partnership are the way to spread awareness and move forward. Good partners are not only valuable assets, but they are also a vital pillar of an organization.

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