Folk Archivers' Fellowship

Three steps of Participating


1. Apply for the fellowship - by registering yourself

  • Reach out to the communities  and collect/record stories 

  • Contribute to the community by providing any service to them

  • Submit proof of your service via testimonials/pictures/give interview

2. Get selected for the fellowship

3. Be recognized as the Folk Archiever’s Fellow

  • The fellowship will be for 1 month and only 15 Fellows will be selected

  • The fellows will attend a training program (on-story-telling) from pioneers 

  • On completion, they will get certificates and cash award


1. Ways to reach out to communities

How to travel
Will it be safe?

Travel virtually!

  • Travel to a nearby village

  • Ask your parents / elderly to tell a story 

  • You can tell a story (but, of the community)

  • Communicate with community to have traveled to via call / Whatsapp to send stories

2. Record AUDIO / VIDEO FILES of the stories from the following categories

  • Local Folklore

  • Local Healing practices

  • Local Innovations

  • Folk music / poems

  • Traditional sports & games

  • Traditional recipes

  • About unsung heroes/she-roes

  • Any other oral tradition and story

3. You can record by simply using your Mobile phone (in landscape mode)

  • In any local regional language or Hindi or English

  • The story should be of maximum 8-9 minutes


  • Provide monetary support (say Rs.200 or more)

  • Help in any other contextual service (giving food/clothes/education / helping in farm etc)

  • Take a picture/video of this act and upload it along with your story! 

  • Please check for background noise, activity, shaky video, etc. After recording, check if the audio is clear and loud.


4. DON'T

  • Submit stories in written format 

  • Submit you travel experiences

  • Submit a Hazy or Shaky video 


  • The authenticity of stories (collected from villagers/community)

  • Number of stories (quantity)

  • Quality of videos collected (even if they are phone videos) - check the demo file for it

WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON 15TH OCTOBER 2020 ; to commemorate our late president, APJ Abdul Kalam’s Birthday. 


  • What language can I submit my folklore / story in?
    You can submit stories in any language as per storyteller’s comfort but do not forget to mention storyteller’s NAME / PLACE / STATE. 

  • I am not a traveler, can I participate?
    Yes. This fellowship is for anyone interested in preserving our culture and oral traditions. You could be a student, a professional, or even a homemaker.

  • I can't travel outside right now. How can I collect stories?

  • Who all can participate, is there any age limit?
    There is no age limit for this fellowship. Anyone who knows rural communities or can reach out to them to collect stories can participate.

  • Can I upload more than one story at a time? In one form? 
    Yes. In fact you are encouraged to submit more than one story. It will increase your chances of getting the fellowship AND help in creating a wider impact. Also, note that if you are submitting multiple stories, do that in the SAME form. 

  • How will I know if my application is received?
    You will receive a mail of the submission of form after you are done with your application.

  • What is the criteria of selecting the winning fellow?
    The authenticity of stories (collected from villagers/community)
    Number of stories (quantity)
    Quality of videos collected (even if they are phone videos) - check the demo file for it
    Testimonials as submitted 

  • How will the cash award be given to me?
    After announcing the fellowship winners, we will call and mail individuals and collect their bank details. The money will be transferred to your account.

  • When will the fellowship result be announced?
    The registrations will close on 9th October and the winners will be announced on 15th October on our website and Instagram.

  • How do I pay the storyteller or any other person sharing the story?
    You can pay them in person / through online transfer / through someone else who can pay them on your behalf. But collect testimonials from the storytellers and villagers.

  • How will I know whether I have gotten the fellowship or not?
    The fellowship will be announced on NotOnMap social media and also on our website 

  • Do I HAVE to go to a village to record the story?
    There is no need to travel at all. You can contact people of the community you have traveled to or you can collect stories from any community around your village/town. 
    You can also ask your family / friends / neighbourhood / etc.

  • I don’t have any contact with rural communities but I am interested in participating, how can I do that?
    You yourself can tell a story but not your travel experiences. The story has to be about oral traditions (folklore), traditional healing practices, local music/poem, local recipes, local innovations, traditional sports and games, about unsung heroes/she-roes.

  • How long can each story be?
    It should not be more than 8 - 9 minutes.

  • Can it be a travel experience?
    No. For eg. “I went to XYZ place last summer and had the best time…” will be disqualified.

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